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  • Cooperative Community Fund

    The Give Where You Live Campaign is a national effort to support food cooperatives in building local Cooperative Community Funds.

    Join the nearly 30 food co-ops who have over 15 million member/customers a year in giving back to their communities. With $1.6 million invested in cooperative development the TPCF/CCF program is the biggest investor in food co-op development in the USA.
  • Co-op Farmland Trust

    The Co-op Farmland Trust is a program dedicated to saving and preserving farmland for organic use. The program is available presently in California with the possibility of spreading to other states. Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation has made a $100,000 match available to the Co-op Farmland Trust.
  • All Cooperatives in Davis and Yolo County

    Davis and Yolo County are home to over 30 types of cooperative and mutual organizations. This site is a chance to find out about many of them in one location. Cooperatives of every form is here from artists to artisans, childcare to credit, food to farmers and students to seniors.
  • Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation

    Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation (TPCF) was founded in 1964 to serve the educational and development needs of cooperatives.
  • The Cooperative Way to the Resident Ownership of Parks

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