David J. Thompson Bio

david with mr. chavez
David left home in 1957 at the age of 15 in Boston, England to go to work in London. The Thompson family were then members of the Nottingham Cooperative Society which had a number of branches in Boston, Lincolnshire. David's Mother Una, cashed in her co-op "dividend" and used it to pay five pounds (about eight dollars) to buy David's first suit. The Co-op's brand name was "Society." Off David went accompanied by his mother to London for interviews. On his first interview the smartly dressed David got the job and started working at the Grosvenor House Hotel, still one of the top hotels in London.

David J. Thompson of Thompson Consulting and co-principal of Neighborhood Partners, LLC, has worked for the national cooperative organizations of the United States, Britain and Japan as well as the United Nations and visited cooperatives in over 30 nations on five continents. David specializes in funding the capital needs of the cooperative development sector & nonprofit and cooperative housing. He is being inducted into the Cooperative Hall of Fame in Washington DC in May 2010. David has won a number of awards from the cooperative community.

From 1985 to 1991 David was V. P. for Western States and Director, International Relations for the National Cooperative Business Association. From 1979 to 1985 he was Director of Planning for the National Cooperative Bank (NCB) and later, Regional Director of NCB's Western Office.

David began work with the US food cooperative sector in 1969. He was one of the founders of Co-opportunity, Santa Monica, California. David was a board member of the Davis Food Co-op where he led the growth of member capital and relocation to downtown Davis. David has focused on Davis becoming a “City of Cooperatives”.

david with mr. chavez
TPCF board meeting in Oakland in 2010. From left; Cathy Murnighan, Executive Director, Board members; Michelle Jacobson, Ann McCandless, Jens Koepke, Marcelo Campos, Paul Harton and David Thompson.

There are now over 50 co-ops serving Davis and Yolo County. David is President of the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation. Under David’s leadership, TPCF has created Cooperative Community Funds for almost 30 US cooperatives. TPCF is the largest co-op funder of cooperative development organizations and organic milk and fair trade coffee cooperatives in the US.

David co-drafted the original City of Davis' Affordable Housing Ordinance, California's strongest, which has created over $150 million in non-profit and cooperative housing. David is a co-founder of Davis Campus Cooperatives (DCC), Yolo Mutual Housing Association (YMHA) and Davis Senior Housing Communities (DSHC). David is co-principal of Neighborhood Partners, LLC which has developed over 600 units of nonprofit and cooperative housing. NP is the consultant to three mobile home parks (543 homes) wishing to become resident owned cooperatives in Yolo County. To see many of NP’s cooperative and nonprofit communities visit www.community.coop/davis.

david with mr. chavez
In the 1980s David was asked by the Cooperative Foundation to edit "Why Credit was Due", the history of the creation of the National Cooperative Bank. President Carter had signed the law into effect in 1978. Davis was the co-chair of California's efforts to win congressional support of the National Cooperative Bank bill. At a reception at UC Davis in the 1990s, President Carter autographs David Thompson's copy of "Where Credit is Due".

David co-chaired California's effort to establish the National Cooperative Bank (1978) and the Center for Cooperatives (1987) at the University of California. He created the Kagawa Fund with money raised from Japanese and US Cooperatives to develop student housing cooperatives in the USA. David is Vice-Chair of the Yolo Federal Credit Union; a community chartered credit union ($180 m assets).

David authored Weavers of Dreams: Founders of the Modern Cooperative Movement (1994), and co-authored Cooperation Works! (1996) and A Day in the Life of Cooperative America (1994). He wrote Credit at the Grassroots (1995) for the United Nations. David edited Where Credit Was Due (1985), the history of the National Cooperative Bank, and Cooperative Business in the USA (1986). He wrote chapters in Ralph Nader's Making Change? (1985). His 300 articles (six languages) have

david with mr. chavez
As Secretary of HUD, Jack Kemp showed a strong interest in housing cooperatives. Through the introduction of a key staffer, David, on behalf of NCBA and Herb Levy for NAHC met with Secretary Kemp in 1993 to plan a National Conference on housing cooperatives. Secretary Kemp was keynote speaker. Kemp was going to kill the photographer for capturing him on camera with David Thompson.

appeared in the: Cooperative Business Journal (USA); Co-operative News (UK), Kyoto Co-op News (JPN), Journal of the

International Cooperative Alliance (Geneva), Cooperative Housing Journal, Sacramento Bee, Christian Science Monitor, In Context; Citizen Participation and Cooperative Grocer. He has appeared on the BBC, Phil Donohue Show, Financial News Network and other TV shows, and is a featured speaker at cooperative conferences throughout the world.

David has the world's largest private library and image/slide collection on cooperatives and cooperative communities. He was born in Blackpool, Lancashire, England in the same county as Rochdale, the birthplace of the cooperative movement. David has an MA in Urban Planning from the University of California at Los Angeles where he won the Dean's Award for Community Service.

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Beginning in 1968, David began decades of work with Cesar Chavez and the UFW. David was on the security detail for Cesar just as he had been for Robert F. Kennedy. Over the years, Cesar asked David to help with a number of farmworker cooperatives (worker, producer, housing and consumer). Three of them were financed by NCB. Cesar was one of the most knowledgeable people about cooperatives in the US and studied them enthusiastically. Due to his interest, Cesar actually visited Mondragon in Spain. He always told me that if he had not given his life to the UFW he would have given it to cooperatives. David is pictured with Cesar at La, Paz in California in the 1990's. David was visiting Cesar with his business partner Luke Watkins to talk about consumer and housing cooperatives. David Thompson with his wife Ann Evans (Cofounder Davis Food Co-op) and daughter Hatley Rose (David in his Rochdale Pioneers 150th Anniversary T Shirt) about 1994.

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