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Ralph Nader and Cooperatives

For over 30 years Ralph Nader has been a strong supporter of cooperatives.

He was a major supporter for the creation of what was then known as the National Consumer Cooperative Bank (now known as NCB). Ralph has lent his voice to many types of cooperatives but in particular; credit unions, food cooperatives, student cooperatives and housing cooperatives.

David J. Thompson, President of the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation (TPCF) first met Ralph in Washington DC when David went there to set up NCB. David wrote two chapters for the book Ralph put together on European Cooperatives. Ralph also came to Davis to speak from a pick up truck in the parking lot of the Davis Food Co-op on behalf of Ann Evans (David’s wife) when she ran (and won) a City Council seat.

TPCF says thank you Ralph for your long support of cooperatives!