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The Cooperative Way to the Resident Ownership of Parks

Funded in part by the MSI Fund of the Cooperative Development Foundation

This web site has been created to provide tools and resources to bring about the resident ownership of mobile home and manufactured housing parks. The emphasis of this site is on the resident ownership or control of the parks in which they live. Given the different status of either state law, the particular type of financing available or the nature of the particular deal this may be done through either a cooperative or nonprofit corporation. 

Resident owned parks come in many forms and under many different circumstances. This site will focus mainly on parks which have an emphasis on resident ownership or control on a one vote per unit basis.

Resident owned parks provide residents with long term stability and security of tenure.

We are thankful that many private owners are fair and decent in their dealings with residents. Resident ownership of parks is a proven way for the owners of mobile home parks to sell their parks to the residents at fair market value. This way, owners can pass on their park to the residents in a transaction fair to both parties. As a result, residents can move from rental to ownership and preserve the park for long term affordability and stability.

Please read the many stories of resident ownership and learn how you and others in your park can walk the Cooperative Way.