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Cooperative Community Fund
Give Where You Live


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Cooperative Community Fund


Providing natural, organic and local foods to the Santa Monica area since 1974
  1. We're owned by our local community! Yes, the majority of our shoppers own a piece of Co-opportunity.
  2. Unlike national chains and our surrounding competitors, we exist to serve our member-owners and shoppers, not a distant corporate board. Therefore, service is a priority. Feedback is always welcome as we continuously strive to be our best!
  3. Our 100% Organic produce department is one of the largest and has only the freshest selections of certified organic produce.
  4. Our product standards make us a trusted source for the highest quality organic, local, non GMO and natural foods. We provide our customers with healthy options, and educate them to make the best choices possible!
  5. Cooperative business keeps money in the local economy. We give back to the community and we support local farmers and vendors!
1525 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404